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The Property Development Fund is designed for aspirational and active property investors who want to enjoy a truly hands off, armchair investment experience. Join a consortium of like minded investors who want to benefit from the profits property has to offer without the need to get your hands dirty. 

The Property Development Fund invests into property development opportunities it deems worthwhile investing into. The minimum investment is £100,000 per investor. Each investor is limited to a total investment of £10,000,000. This is to ensure the capital required is achieved with ideally no more than 50 investors within the fund.

Currently all property development projects are based within the UK and mostly in London, home counties and neighbouring locations.

Why us?

  • Start investing from as little as £100,000

  • Trusted partner in solutions

  • 10% to 20% Return On Investment

  • London and Essex areas

The Property Development Fund are a great company to work with, they pay ontime, are easy to communicate with and are serious business professionals. The building trade is notorious for bad payers and a lack of effective communication, however, I have nothing but good things to say about the team at The Property Development Fund.” 

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