The Property Development Fund

The Property Development Fund has been designed with aspirational property developers and investors in mind. Getting into property development on an individual basis is out of reach for most. Property development is demanding financially in addition to knowledge, experience, suppliers and often finance requirements. Such obstacles ensure property development is a rewarding prospect as entry to market is challenging. 

The Property Development Fund is the ultimate solution for those wanting to invest into property development but cannot afford the finances, time or expertise to pursue such a journey by themselves.


The Property Development Fund is a pool of monies raised by like-minded investors who each own their share of the company designed as an SPV for the development project. 

Most investors invest and re-invest their original investment in addition to their gains back into future projects, whilst some investors, live off the profits from each project. The choice is yours.

The Property Development Fund predominantly invests in UK development opportunities due to excellent gains achievable, security of land and security for investors. The UK is one of the safest lands for investment with a legally robust system to protect all parties involved. 

Investors love property as it is a tangible investment. Everyone needs somewhere to live and there is a shortage of property in the UK. Subsequently, the UK property market valuations tend to naturally increase during development.

The minimum investment is £100,000 and a maximum of £10,000,000 per investor, although the maximum will depend upon each project size and capital required.

Each project is managed by The Property Development Fund and overseen by Financial Director Lee Taylor of Pro Tax Accounting.

The GDV of each project will vary although typically each project will be worth between £3 Million and £15 Million.

Anticipated profits per project vary as each project is unique in terms of values, locations, suppliers, materials, land and agents, although The Property Development Fund tends to aim for a 10% to 20% profit margin per project.

Any monies invested into the SPV cannot be withdrawn until the project has come to completion. 

As an investor, you can expect a monthly newsletter keeping you up to date throughout the projects progress. Telephone support access between the hours of 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday and the option to arrange a meeting at The Property Development Fund offices.


Property development is not for everyone, however, it is one of the safest yet rewarding investment opportunities there is.

As an investor, you are unsuitable to become a property development investor if you are someone who chops and changes their mind regularly, are insecure, concerned over your finances, are impatient or need your money back quickly.

The Property Development Fund is only interested in professional investors who understand property development is not an overnight project and the time frames for planning alterations, land acquisition, finance, development, completion and sale of properties will differ from project to project.

If you have £100,000 or more to invest, then we invite you to arrange a meeting to discuss upcoming investment opportunities.